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Black Friday to Cyber Monday Promotions 2016

on .

Yet again these crazy time between Black Friday and Cyber Monday has arrived where you could find discounts, bargains and promotions everywhere.

To help you save even more money - to call your your family and friends telling them about your shopping tour - we are running some special promotions too.

Black Friday

On Black Friday (*) all paid top ups will result in 50% Top up Bonus additionally booked onto your account.

Buy Nothing Day

On Buy Nothing Day (*) all booked charges (e.g. placed phone calls) will receive 50% discount rebooked onto your account at the end of the day (*).

1st Advent Sunday

On 1st Advent Sunday (*) there is a Magic Voucher available which will top up your account with at least $1, but you can win $5, $10 or $25 top up with a bit of luck.

Go to Redeem Voucher page an enter the following voucher code: Happy_Advent_Season

Cyber Monday

On Cyber Monday (*) again all paid top ups will let you get 50% Top up Bonus additionally booked onto your account.

(*) These promotions start on 2016-11-25 6:00 PST; day break is ment at 0:00 PST.