Restructuring has been completed

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We had some very bad times passing by. Some operators had blocked our access numbers for Phone Call Request and SMS Call Request, some operators had blocked the calling line identification so our systems were not able to identify our users. While fighting this, some of us were starting to give up and decided to leave, certainly resulting in having their area of responsibility and activity getting unmanaged or reassigned but not with highest attention on it.

Certainly we were and are very sad about losing some of our team members. We do absolutely wish them all the best.

Nevertheless we - the remaining team - still are sure of and committed to our idea. So we had to initiate a full restructuring of all assignments and rethink all processes while we still were fighting against the problems provoked by some operators.

The restructuring has been completed and all fights have been won now. So we are back full operational.

Of course we changed many small and some big things. But beside our technical services' status the most important thing is, that you now (again) should receive decent customer care and support services if and when you contact us.

Find here some additional informations.


Our access numbers for Phone Call Request and SMS Call Request are now spread over 3 carriers. Our calling routes are spread over 16 carriers. All routes are at least doubled. We do monitor all operators' networks checking the availability of our access numbers having an appropriate legal team being ready to intervene on new "dissensions".

Please do tell us all quality issues when using our services!

Calling using VoIP

If you are using VoIP (Voice over IP), then you could (and should) use our new generic access point (server host name) which will always connect you to the nearest full functional access point available. You never will have to change this setting again when travelling.


According to a very low amout of users using our messaging services we decided to shutdown these services.


While you do not need to buy voucher codes or cards for your own usage it was quite popular to buy some as a present or giveaway. Nevertheless is the shop system not our main field and therefore currently in a lower priority in our roadmap. The shop will return in the near future but is currently offline. But - certainly - you are able to top up you account with our payment system at any time.