Updated Call Time Packs for Canada/USA and India

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We have started to calculate new special Call Time Packs based on your favoured destinations. Yesterday the first new Call Time Packs went online.

Updated Call Time Packs

Canada/USA Unlimited

Unlimited(*) calling to Canada and the USA for only CA$ 1.99 per month.

India 360

360 minutes calling to India(**) landline and mobile for only CA$ 9.99 per month.

We will provide even more Call Time Packs within the next weeks where one of the next packs will be a Call Time Pack based on landline calling to all members countries of the EU. But, remember, you are always able to tailor your own Call Time Pack with your personal needed destinations.

Special Promotion Call Time Packs

India Unlimited (Only 100 packs available!)

Unlimited(*) calling to India landline and mobile for only CA$ 99.90 per year.

(*) Unlimited calling is subject to our Fair Use Policy.
(**) All self tailored Call Time Packs to this destination will disappear after they expire.