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Talk about Skype and Skype Out

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Recently in the pub I met some friends and we started talking about iCallNow while taking some drinks. In this talk (which transformed into a discussion later on) there were some things - well, thoughts - coming up we (at iCallNow) hear and read nearly every day; so this blog post is to clean up certain misconceptions.

One of my friends said: "Well, iCallNow is really a nice and usefull service; I do like the simplicity. And you're really right, the Canadian cellphone operators are really much too expensive and so on, but, you know, I use Skype for my phone calls ..."

Me: "Well, uhm, ..., Ok, let's talk about Skype, Skype Out and other misconceptions."

There 3 reasons to not use Skype or Skype Out for your (phone) calls (when/if in special situations):

1. Well, the most important (nowadays) reason (Ok, my personal most important reason) is, you know, Skype is owned by "some others" now. ;)

2. Skype is always using your data connection! Always! So, when/if you are not in reach of a (reliable (or trusted?)) WiFi network, then you will not be happy with placed calls.


Well, at first, you'd need a really stable and reliable 3G (or certainly 4G) connection to have an acceptable call quality, otherwise you will start to stutter while your call (talking with a new customer?!) and I bet you know what I am talking about. And, by the way, displayed full availability of 3G or 4G on your phone does not mean, that you would have the needed latency available. (Some time ago I had a Skype call Downtown Vancouver and - you know - it was before my meal. ;))

Second, there are not really much cellphone plans available in Canada (specially not (I would name) affordable ones) with a real unlimited data connection usage; either your bandwidth will be decreased above a certain volume of data connection usage or you will get billed for this additional data volume.

By the way, both is valid for using VoIP based services too.

3. Skype Out is not cheap! For example calling Canada with Skype Out Pay As You Go is shown with CA$ 0.027 per minute, but VAT (Value Added Tax) and a connection fee must be added, so the real rate for the first call minute is CA$ 0.10! The second minute would cost CA$ 0.031 which means, that the average rate billed for the second call minute would be CA$ 0.655!?

Allowedly much better than the most rates offered by Canadian mobile network operators, even calling local, but cheap?

Sure, when/if talking to someone who is using Skype too, then this call is free; but still point 2 applies. ;)

Well, iCallNow was built for (the) Canadian people wanting to place a phone call (specially from their mobiles and cellphones) at affordable, low (and more and more cheap) rates irrespective of where there are, what time it is or which network constellation they're currently in (even when/if there is no data connection available).

And, by the way, you do not need an App for using iCallNow. ;)